Cheers, our single vineyard Estate Wine

Candlewood Pinot Noir

Wine and South Africa. You cannot really go wrong. The number of excellent organic wineries is fantastic. At Candlewood we are proud to offer some of the best wines of the country. From our reds from Tokara, Delaire-Graff, Buitenverwachting and Laibach from the Winelands or fantastic whites from our local wineries like Bramon, Newstead or Kay & Monty.

But what about a good red from the area fitting our European Heritage? We searches for a long time for a great wine. And now we have it: A single vineyard Estate Wine from the Harold Valley. A perfect terroir with clay, with sunny days and cool, misty mornings. Perfect for a Pinot Noir made in the European style. Together with Winemaker Nico Foury, we decided to create this wine for Candlewood.
Enjoy Candlewood Pinot Noir with us in Knysna.