Candlewood Recipe#2

Marinated Bocconcini with Chilli, Orange, Basil and Poppy Seeds

Does an Italian caprese suit to South Africa? Okay, you can have a caprese all day, but we have asked ourselves if there is no other way preparing it. We have found an Afrcian way with Chilli, Orange and Basil for our Guesthouse, Candlewood.

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A bunch of organic Bananas

from our landscaper John

Our landscaper John is very proud about what is growing in his small nursery. And all of his fruits and veggies are organic. A few days ago John brought us big bunch of his bananas.

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“We love people!”

Candlewood awarded for Service Excellence

If service is an attitude and not a business, if guests are friends and not customers, then it is easy to give good service.

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Spring starts along the Garden Route

Welcome back, birds and flowers!

Spring is back in Knysna. Everywhere you smell the fresh, crispy air and feel the nice, warm sun on your back.

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Cheers, our single vineyard Estate Wine

Candlewood Pinot Noir

Wine and South Africa. You cannot really go wrong. The number of excellent organic wineries is fantastic. At Candlewood we are proud to offer some of the best wines of the country.

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Cheese-Tasting with Alje van Deemter

An awarded cheese maker works with Candlewood

Cheese is a very special kind of food. Nowadays many cheeses are produced in factories. But the philosophy of our guesthouse, Candlewood in Knysna, is that we source almost everything from small farmers, winemakers and cheese makers in our area.

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Green Garden Route Aspargus with Prosciutto and Mango Chutney

In a bed & breakfast like in Candlewood are two things important: the bed must be great, the breakfast must be great. And fresh, local ingredients is the best way to ensure a good breakfast.

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A Journey to Knysna

Often described as ‘South Africa’s favourite town’, Knysna is a microcosm of the country. Its vast indigenous forests, lakes, lagoons, mountains, streams, pastures and spectacular coastline offer a bewildering choice of activities and sightseeing opportunities.

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