Candlewood-Recipe # 7

Extra Gardenary: Rooibos Iced Tea

A hot summer day in December in Knysna. Candlewood is well booked and our guests relax at our pool area. What will be the ultimative refreshment at the guesthouse? We prepare our homemade Rooibos Iced Tea. Keep cool. Organic Rooibos 8 T Vanilla pod 1 Sweet Organic Garden Route Apples 2 Rhubarb nectar 250ml Bottles […]

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Nyc-in-Knysna: our personal favourites for steak lovers

Nyc-in-Knysna: our personal favourites for steak lovers

The quality of meat in South Africa is outstanding. Almost everywhere you get a nice steak, but some places you should experience yourself. We tell you which places.

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Candlewood-Recipe # 6

Wild Mushroom Bruschetta with Poached Eggs

Knysna is proud of South Africas biggest forests. The forest are natural grown, full of cool, shady spots in summer time and there are many small rivers and water holes. The perfect spot for wild mushrooms for Candlewoods famous Mushroom bruschetta. If we have some we prepare this speciality in our guesthouse for breakfast. Wild […]

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Candlewood-Recipe # 5

Pear and Blue Cheese Glass

The Garden Route and Knysna is famous for … well, everything that grows in the garden. Like fruits and veggies – and of course pears. A nice dish we use from time to time at Candlewoods breakfast is a kind of a salad with pears, spinach and Blue cheese. You will love the healthy dish! […]

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The staff that makes you feel home far away from home.

Nyc-in-Knysna: our personal favourite “prosts”

Top 5 places for a local craft beer

South Africa is famous for their fantastic wines. But more and more craft beers come up. And so in Knysna, too. We tell you the best places for crafted beer.

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Candlewood-Recipe # 4

Stonefruit Tray-Jam

There are a few things reminds us on our childhood. We were young and especially our Grannies recipe come up since we moved to Knysna. Last season it was a bestseller at Candlewoods breakfeast: our Garden Route Stonefruit Tray-Jam. Plums 12, quartered Yellow nectarines 6, quartered White nectarines 4, quartered Organic brown sugar 150g Lemon […]

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Nyc-in-Knysna: our personal favourite places for authentic food

Top 5 places for a traditional Bobotie

You don’t find it very often on nowadays menus. But it is an old South African dish with wonderful flavours. A Must-try. We show you where in Knysna.

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Nyc-in-Knysna: our personal favourites for roasted beans

Top 5 place for a nice coffee

After an active morning in Greater Knysna and a nice lunch you deserved a nice cup of coffee in town. We show you where.

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Candlewood-Recipe # 3

A Shakshuka is a traditional African dish

A Shakshuka is a traditional African dish, especially from the North. It is strong and tasty and has always an egg. But we were looking for a modern and light interpretation of this traditional dish for Candlewood, Knysna. Free-range egg yolks 2 Cream 250ml Fresh milk 250 ml Butter 1 T Sugar 1 T Vanilla […]

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Nyc-in-Knysna: our personal favourite places for Knysna Oysters

Top 5 places to have Oysters in Knysna

Knysna and Oysters are like Sundays and long sleeps. It’s a must. The Oysters are fresh and tasty and it’s worth having them with a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc from the Garden Route. Find here our favourites.

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