Nyc-in-Knysna: our personal favourites for Craft

Top 5 for Craft Lovers

The history of wood and timber workers in Knysna is long. The book “Circles in the forest” by Dalene Matthee shows the history. But still today there are many craftsmen and place in and around Knysna.


#5 is not dedicated to a certain place. It is dedicated to the small and individually working crafters like Lesly-Ann from Hot Art working in the forest of Karatara or Steven who makes the wonderful key rings with the Glas pearls. #4 is the rebuild Timber Village in Knysna. A worth visit on a Saturday in combination with the Farmers Market is our #3 Scarab Crafts Market in Sedgefield. On the way to Plett you find a few kilometers after Knysna on the right hand side – our #2 The Heath. For us the best place for pottery, for weaving and small bits-and-pieces like hand-made soaps is on the top: #1 Old Nicks Village.