Nyc in Knysna: 5 hidden gems you should not miss

Some gems are hard to find

The Garden Route and Knysna are famous for its hospitality and excellent restaurants and cafes. Some are well-known like Ile the Pain or the famous Anchorage. But some gems are hard to find. And if you find them you won’t pop in. But it is worth doing it.

# 5 Ice Dream Land on the way to the airport in Plett. The name doesn’t sound like the nowadays fancy Italian restaurants. And the decoration with plastic chairs is not promising either. But what we can promise is that you will find the best pizza and homemade ice-cream in an area of about 40 km around Knysna. You definitely need a reservation for this place.

#4 White Washed in the Industrial area of Knysna. How can you open a café in the industrial area? I don’t know. But we know that they have a fantastic beer garden, lovely burgers and the first Firday a month fantastic concerts.

#3 Ouland Royal. Just opposite the airport you will find Ouland Royal and their nursery. Inside it looks wonderful old-fashioned and the terrace and the view is just amazing.

#2 Totties Farmstall. It looks just ugly from outside. Maybe the reason NOT to be found by many tourists. But once you have entered the Garden you are in world 50 years ago. It is a bit like visiting Grandma – only without being washed with an old hankerchief and spit *ha ha ha*

#1 Fynboshoek, Alje van Deemter delivers not only fantastic cheeses every week for Candlewood. He runs a small restaurant by appointment only. No frills, just good food with homemade cheese and fresh herbs and a fantastic host.