Nyc-in-Knysna: our personal favourites for Art

Top 5 for Art lovers

In the 70s and 80s Knysna wasn’t a place for international travellers and South African holiday makers. It was a place for … mmmh, let’s say for special people. Individuals, hippies, out-of-the-box-thinkers and many more. It must have been a wonderful time having your wines directly on the shores of Crab Creek and having discussions about art and philosophy.

Today there is still a spirit alive and some of the best art galleries are found in town. #5 Artist ist Maggie Bald. She is living in our street and has a gift for wonderful Aquarell paintings. #4 is fantastic Photographer David Ballam from Johannesburg. At Candlewood we 8 works from him. Some of his work is found at Weylandts on Thesen Island. #3 is the Lookout Art Gallery in Plettenberg Bay. #2 is JandreArt on Thesen Island. A great artist who likes to communicate with interested visitors. Visit him and have a chat with Jandre. #1 is definitely Knysna Fine Arts in Thesen House. You find great South African Contempory Art in the Thesen House.