Nyc-in-Knysna: our personal favourite “hicks”

Top 5 places for a wine tasting

There are fantastic wine regions in South Africa. Since a few years the Garden Route gets more and more famous for wines. The terroir is excellent and the climate with the sea and crispy cool nights.

It is nice having a tasting at # 5 Lodestone Wines & Olives with their Blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillion. A nice Sauvignon Blanc in combination with lunch you will find at # 4 Kay & Monty. Some of the best wines of the region you can have at # 3 in the vineyards of Newstead Wines. Very famous for their bubbles are the wines of our # 2, the Bramon Winery with a nice lunch café nestled in the vineyards. For us the best pick and # 1 is Packwood wines because of their homemade cheeses for lunch with homemade preservatives and fresh bread in the forest.