Nyc-in-Knysna: our personal favourite “prosts”

Top 5 places for a local craft beer

South Africa is famous for their fantastic wines. But more and more craft beers come up. And so in Knysna, too. # 5 at Tapas & Oysters is nice on Wednesdays or Fridays when there is live music. They have a tradition, ask them for “The Competition” … # 4 at Bosuns Pub is nice when there is a good game of Rugby (and the Springboks are winning). But these are “only” place, but a beer directly from the producer is another story. For example at # 3 at Mitchell’s Brewery on the Lagoon. On Saturdays you can try some German beer tradition at the Beer Garden of # 2 the Sedgefield Craft Beer Brewery. Our top recommendation is # 1 on the First Friday a month at the White Washed in the Industrial area from 18.00 with excellent musicians.