Nyc-in-Knysna: our personal favourite places for authentic food

Top 5 places for a traditional Bobotie

Bobotie is one of the traditional South African dishes. It is minced meat, beef and /or lamb with raisins, banana and some spices. You’ll find it not very often nowadays.

But a first taste of it you can have # 5 at The Olive Tree on Main Street – not a real one, but as a Bobotie Springroll. Or you can taste a bobotie when the paddle cruisers land at # 4 at the Cruise Café. On the way to Buffalo Bay you will find # 3 at the Riverdeck and have it on the River. One of the best boboties you find at # 2 in Knysnas smallest Pub “The Bell” in Belvediere. The best one is our top pick. # 1 at Totties Farm in Rheenendal is a place where you usually don’t find a lot of travellers. It is a place where locals have the bobotie on a Sunday roast.

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