Candlewood-Recipe # 7

Extra Gardenary: Rooibos Iced Tea

A hot summer day in December in Knysna. Candlewood is well booked and our guests relax at our pool area. What will be the ultimative refreshment at the guesthouse? We prepare our homemade Rooibos Iced Tea. Keep cool. Organic Rooibos 8 T Vanilla pod 1 Sweet Organic Garden Route Apples 2 Rhubarb nectar 250ml Bottles […]

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Nyc-in-Knysna: our personal favourites beaches

Top 5 Beaches in Knysna

Knysna is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches of South Africa and all of them are close to our guesthouse, just a few minutes drive from Candlewood. We show you which one are our favorites.

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Candlewood Recipe#2

Marinated Bocconcini with Chilli, Orange, Basil and Poppy Seeds

Does an Italian caprese suit to South Africa? Okay, you can have a caprese all day, but we have asked ourselves if there is no other way preparing it. We have found an Afrcian way with Chilli, Orange and Basil for our Guesthouse, Candlewood.

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Spring starts along the Garden Route

Welcome back, birds and flowers!

Spring is back in Knysna. Everywhere you smell the fresh, crispy air and feel the nice, warm sun on your back.

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